The Film Commission was established in February 2020.

The role of the Film Commission is to develop and organize the film sector, raise the level of production by supporting pioneers in the field, and developing and regulating areas related to the sector such as licensing, delivery of pilot courses, professional education, and training programs, and providing scholarships for local talent.

For the Kingdom to be a world leader in filmmaking. 

Working to enhance the competitiveness of the national economy by supporting the growth of the filmmaking industry and cinematic culture in Saudi Arabia, and by highlighting the Film Commission as the primary patron of the film industry in the Middle East and North Africa.

● Advancing the film sector in the Kingdom by implementing a strategy for the sector within the framework of the national strategy for culture, and following up on its implementation after MOC’s approval, besides proposing draft regulations which are required to the work of the commission and submitting it to the MOC to complete the statutory procedures.

● Developing and supporting the film industry and advertising Saudi films locally and internationally

● Delivering training courses related to the field’s specializations, creating training and certification programs, developing educational programs, and providing scholarships for local talents, in accordance with related entities.

● Collecting data and statistics related to the work of the commission and establishing a database for the film sector.

● Encouraging investment related to the commission specializations.

● Setting standards and regulations for the film sector.

● Encouraging individuals, institutions, and companies to produce and develop content in the film sector.

● Supporting the protection of intellectual property rights and licensing related activities.

● Organizing and participating in local and international conferences, exhibitions, events, and competitions in accordance with relevant institutions and procedures.

● Establishing, supporting, and partnering with film companies in accordance with legal procedures.

● Becoming a member in regional and international film industry federations, organizations and authorities; after coordinating with MOC.

● Representing the Kingdom at regional and international conferences and fora.

Abdullah Al Eyyaf Al-Qahtani is the CEO of the Film Commission.

The Film Commission is not a production entity, and the support it provides is limited to “Daw competition” (link), which is announced periodically and accepts applications meeting the conditions.

We recommend that filmmakers and those interested in the field head to production companies or experts when in need for advice.

The Film Commission is affiliated to the Ministry of Culture and follows the ministry’s application process via the employment link (link).

Incentives and a cashback program will be launched soon.