Here we give culture a form, a color, and a material dimension through initiatives and activities that enrich our culture and expand horizons.

Filmmakers Program

We support national talents to elevate the Saudi film Industry About Us The Film Commission is launching the Filmmakers Program in 2021 in cooperation with several top international film universities and institutes, to offer exceptional training opportunities and workshops for amateurs and professionals in the filmmaking field. The Program is part of the Commission's efforts to achieve the Kingdom’s vision of creating Saudi leaders in all fields and a continuation of its journey towards discovering young national talents.

Daw’ Film Competition

Daw’ Film Competition aims to encourage and support the filmmaking sector in the Kingdom, and is meant to support various Saudi talents financially and logistically.

101 Film Studio

استوديو 101 للأفلام هو برنامج فنيّ تعليميّ، مقدم من هيئة الأفلام -التابعة لوزارة الثقافة- بالتعاون مع وزارة التعليم، يُعنى بتعزيز البرامج التدريبية والأنشطة الثقافية السينمائية، بما يضمن توفير بيئة تعليمية حاضنة للمواهب الوطنية في مختلف مجالات صناعة الأفلام.