About the Commission

The Film Commission is a Saudi government body affiliated with the Ministry of Culture, established in February 2020, and based in the capital, Riyadh. The Commission aims to advance the film sector and the production environment in Saudi Arabia, in addition to stimulating and empowering Saudi filmmakers.


Build and foster the development of a creative Saudi film industry and maximize its potential for local and international markets.



Establish Saudi as a world-class film centre in the heart of the Middle East.

Strategic pillars:

  • Talent development: Ensure KSA film sector has access to qualified talent at competitive cost.

  • Infrastructure: Ensure KSA film sector has access to appropriate facilities and services at competitive cost.

  • Local KSA productions: Stimulate KSA domestic productions.

  • International productions in KSA: Attract international productions to KSA.

  • Regulatory framework: Promote a suitable environment that fosters the sector’s development.

  • Distribution & exhibition: Stimulate substantial demand for KSA-made films in the domestic and in select international markets.