Ogair Ancient Port

Hofuf - Eastern Province - Saudi Arabia

Uqair is an ancient form of Islamic origin, located in the Eastern province of Saudi Arabia. It is alternatively spelled Al-'Uqair, Uqayr, and Ogair, all Latin transliterations of the same Arabic word. It has been linked by some to the ancient city of Gerrha mentioned in Greek and Roman sources. Al Ogair coast is considered as one of the most beautiful seacoasts over the Arabian Gulf. It is distinguished of the gulf waters overlapping the shallow sandy shores, diversity of geographic relief, a large number of bays, sea capes and islands. The beach has blue colored water in different shades based on the depth. There are dedicated places for swimming in this location is the combination of old architectural buildings, old port, market, government and customs buildings, wide sandy beaches. The reflections of the port buildings and palm trees in water make the place very charming. There is a road reaches in the port make the place more dynamic. The old architectural design of the port, mosque, customs buildings are very traditional style. Wide space along with the symmetrical columns are inside the fort makes the place very artistic. Palm trees along the beach are overwhelming.