MOC Publishes the Full Version of "Cultural Status in KSA" Report


Today, Wednesday, MOC published the full version of the report "The Cultural Status in KSA 2019: Features and Statistics" on its website (, in order to keep the general public and those interested in cultural affairs informed about the results of the expanded research study carried out by MOC about the reality of the Saudi cultural sector with its various trends and creative paths. This comes after the ministry published, last Wednesday, the executive summary of the report, and announced that the full version of the report will be submitted to the media and cultural institutions concerned about the results of the study. This comes as effort to unify work in advancing the Saudi cultural sector project, which the ministry manages.The report includes all the details, figures and statistics of the cultural situation in the Kingdom from its unification until the end of the year 2019. It discusses all the sub-cultural trends that make up the Saudi cultural sector, as defined by MOC vision and directions document. The sector includes: heritage, museums, cultural and archaeological sites, theater and performing arts, books and publishing, architecture and design, natural heritage, films, costumes, language and translation, culinary arts, festivals and cultural events, literature, libraries, visual arts, and music. Within fifteen chapters, each of which deals with one sub-sector, reviews its history and reality, along with an overview of its achievements during the year 2019.The report also included a chapter dedicated to follow the most important culture indicators that provide "quantitative" measures of culture state in the Kingdom in three fields, cultural production, distribution and display, and cultural participation. This comes as an effort to determine the Kingdom's position in different culture fields that the indicators measure. It also provides a whole picture of culture reality that reflects both accuracy and depth.The "Cultural Status" report is an MOC initiative, through which it seeks to provide an accurate description of the Saudi cultural scene in order to understand the cultural situation and pave the way to build a vibrant cultural sector on clear and precise knowledge foundations. It is decided that the Ministry will submit the report annually to monitor the movement of cultural activity throughout the Kingdom year after year, provided that the scope of the report’s research is limited to the year in which it is issued, with the exception of the first version of the report, which contained a historical account of each cultural sector since the KSA unification until the end of the year 2019 AD, as it is the foundation version of the report.In preparing the report, the Ministry aims to inform cultural entities, scientific and research centers, and the media, with the statistics, information and figures it contains that reflect the reality of the Saudi cultural sector, as it is considered a quantitative and qualitative reference for all activists in the cultural fields. The report is the first product of MOC Cultural Research and Studies team, through which it can follow the developments of the cultural scene in the Kingdom, conduct studies and statistics in various research directions, and inform the Ministry, entities and relevant authorities with the necessary information to complete the project of promoting the local cultural sector on sound knowledge bases.

June 17, 2020 - 12:00